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Our trade life, which had been for many years, turned into a desire to produce in 1979 and today we have become a global beverage company. With our third-generation operated company and our strong distributors in 47 countries, our goal is to deliver healthy and delicious products. We are supplying original flavors with the help of cutting-edge technology to reach millions of people around the world and we promise one thing; “We do not produce products that we will not consume ourselves!“. We are grateful to our team that has been succesfully managing this big operation which is starting with fresh productions everyday and also to our consumers who we owe to become a global company.
Asya Water, which has a total area of ​​5,500 m² covered with the latest technology and 18,000 m² in Cilimli district of Duzce, currently serves with a capacity of 74,000 bottles / hour. In 2012, it was bought by Gulay Collective Company belonging to Gulay family and Cansu Su San. Nak. Tic. Ltd. Sti. operated by. Spring Water coming from the summit of KAPLANDEDE MOUNTAIN, which has an untouched nature and vegetation at an altitude of 1,160 meters of Duzce, the land of natural beauty, is approved by the Ministry of Health, with the anti-bacterial pipeline to our facilities in a 100% safe and hygienic way, with the latest technology, It is delivered to our customers without touching and spoiling its naturalness. Asya Water, unique with its unique taste and its hardness suitable for the taste of the general consumer, works to provide the healthiest and most natural state of water in accordance with the terms of the "Regulation on Water for Human Consumption" published by the Ministry of Health in the Official newspaper.
Ceysu Natural Spring Water has entered the bottled water industry by making its first production in 2002. Ceysu’s water source comes from Saklikent’s Tekirpinar Spring, approximately 2000 meters above sea level, situated in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey. The actual origin and quality of the Tekirpinari Spring is one of Turkey’s most healthy water. It has pioneered by developing and following high stadards in healthy and hygienic production and is using high-tech in all work processes. From source to finished product all physical chemical and microbiological tests are taken and finished products and traceability of finished products are provided.
Our company, founded in 2017 as Aklar Group, undertakes export-oriented marketing projects. In this regard, it markets world-famous brands and leading brands in Turkey as well as the brands of its production. It exports these products to countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The goal of our company is to bring the local brands born in our country with their own brands to a greater sales volume in the international markets. Over time, it appears to have largely achieved its goal with competitive prices and high-quality brands. The outward look and dynamic nature of our company inspires us to achieve our goals in the future. Our aforementioned international trade takes place with our contacts and foreign partners, which is an important component of our marketing network. We are taking firm steps forward with the strong and mutually beneficial model that we have established with them. On this occasion, we are interested in the success of our domestic producers together with our foreign partners. Because their success is our success.
33 Mesrubat Ltd. Corp. , is a Tunc Mesrubat affiliate, that was incorporated in 1978 and has adopted the principles of one-to-one communication with the customer and not compromising from quality since then. Pamir, which is the first investment and trademark of 33 Mesrubat in the production industry, started its production life in 2011. Our Company, which produces the fermented carrot juice, which we produce with the principle of 100% Natural Taste as well as lemonade, pomegranate sour sauce and lemon sauce, has managed to become popular in the industry with Pamir trademark and has become a trademark that is looked for by the customers with its name. We, as the Pamir family, are aware that what have achieved so far is not sufficient. Our Company, which has increased its fermented carrot juice production capacity to 2.000.000 LT annually with the investments made, continues its productions at the indoor area of 2.000 m2 and the outdoor area of 3.100 m2 and with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificates as well as ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System certificates held, without compromising its principle of 100% Natural Taste. Our Company, which has established dealership structures in Tarsus, Adana, Mersin, Iskenderun, Antalya, Kadirli, Karapinar, Aksaray, Manisa, Isparta and Erzincan, aims to grow more in the beverage industry without compromising its quality with the new investments to be made and new varieties to be added to the product portfolio.
Sarbay Foreign Trade Limited Company started its operations in 2012. The company has combined its know-how before establishing the company under a single roof. The company acts as an intermediary between its exporting partners and customers and the importing companies abroad. With its existing foreign relations, it has assumed the mission of business development in international markets. In Sarbay, we believe that protecting the benefit of our customers, and winning their trust should come above all gains. Providing high-quality services to our customers through effective and reliable teamwork represent the core of our values as a company. In 2012, SGI Plastic Machinery Mold Construction Auto was established to produce disposable plastic razor and bloodstone. SGI company is currently strengthening its brand image in the market via its high-quality products that have already offered to Europe, the Middle East, and Gulf countries. Through producing high quality, ease of use products which give confidence to the consumers in terms of hygiene, and trough production-based growth SGI Plastic aims to be the leader in its sector SARBAY Foreign Trade Company’s main concern besides, working together with SGI Plastic, is to find solutions to the problems faced by its partners' products in the market place. And through its wide range of products SARBAY, is constantly evaluating the market's need and upgrading its services accordingly. In all of our works, in addition to a successful team of scientists, high-tech Machinery Park and distinguished raw material manufacturers are used. Our higher aim is to sustain the structure which is dominated by the win & win system with our healthy and long-lasting customers.
Remal established 17th January 2017 as international trading for FMCG Products & Commodities & Services from Turkey, China, Malaysia, Indonesia to Africa and Middle East Markets through our companies: - Remal International Trading, Istanbul/ Turkey - Remal Global Ltd, Ajman - Freezone/UAE
Our company Ozer Gida San. ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. In 1994, based on the geographical and commercial importance of our region, the needs of the sector and the intense demands from the sector, it started its activities in the commercial field and then continued its activities in the import-export, logistics and food / catering sectors. Throughout the entire period of our establishment, our company is constantly developing and advancing, taking into account the changes in the market. Today, Ozer Gida San. ve Dis Tic. LLC. It is a successful, professional team ready to help its customers reach their goals. Ozer Gida San. ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti.. not just a trading firm, it is also a solution partner working for you in different fields. We will be happy to be with you in any subject you need.
Samkale is a group company that is located in the biggest industrial city of Gaziantep in Turkey. We have the young and dynamic structure which is the leader on the baby diapers and food products. Now we export our products to all the worlds such as middle-east, all Africa, Asia and some of Europian countries. Our a lot of brands are well-known in the World now. We are also waiting you to make the best decision for your business life and to be the best one in your markets with safely.
AROMA Bursa Meyve Sulari ve Gida Sanayi A.S. was established over a 75.000 m² area in Gursu Dsitrict of Bursa on the year of 1968. At the company being established as a aggregate corporation, Duruk Group acceded the management by purchasing the majority interest on 1991. By increasing the processed fruit amount day by day with the investment thrust starting on 1991, it has been increased from 20.00 ton to 125.00 ton in a year and Aroma has become one of the leading fruit juice filling facilities of the country. AROMA Bursa Meyve Sulari ve Gida Sanayi A.S. producing fruit juices, natural spring water and carbonated beverages has a wide product range. There is semi finished (concentrated fruit and puree) and finished product manufacture in the integrated facilities. Aroma presents its fruit juices under the brand of Aroma 100%, its nectars under the brand of Aroma and Meyoz nectars, lemonade under the brand of Aroma Limonta, fruity beverages under the brand of Aroma Tropical, gaseous beverages under the brand of Aroma.
We have always been the only address for quality.With lots of years of experience in the sectors which we are in, we produce olives and high quality olive oil and high quality spaghetti and mineral water. In order to present our experience and products to the world markets, we are active in these products production and export. We established Pangea Global Ltd. and We have gathered a few companies of us in this roof of Pangea for operate in the field of these food products produce and exports. We are not aim to only selling, we aim to create reliable and strong brands in the markets which we joined and we are trusting to our quality for achieve the goal. If you want good quality and the good business, you are in the right place.
We manufacture and supply beverages, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, jam, marmalade etc...