Ulker Laviva Chocolate

Ulker Laviva Filling And Biscuit Chocolate 35 G Ulker Laviva Filling and Biscuit Chocolate is a different and pleasant flavor produced with the unique harmony of biscuit and chocolate. It appeals to both the eye and the palate by displaying a quite different appearance from the standard chocolates with its long, thin and ovalized thickening towards the ends. Laviva is produced by placing filling chocolate on the fresh and pleasant flavored biscuit at the bottom and crispy outer coating chocolate on the filling chocolate. The chocolate density, which is balanced with the biscuit at the bottom, helps to meet your dessert needs without disturbing you. Laviva, which you will not find it difficult to keep it in your bag and drawers at any time, is a chocolate that will give you energy with a single bite. Net Amount (g / ml) 35
Ulker Laviva Chocolate
  • Ulker Laviva Chocolate
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Remaining : 50

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